Imagine Having ~$1500 USD+ A Month
In Passive Income!

Average Investors are spending as little as $54,999 USD and seeing returns of 9-15% in the first year and 30-40% in the first two-three years!

Low Entry Threshold

We do things a little differently, and that has given us a great advantage. We buy properties in bulk, which gives us tremendous buying power. Because of this, we have the cheapest investment thresholds in the market!

Investors never have to leave their house! We Provide Help Start to Finish:
-Document Processing by Trusted Lawyers
-Property Management Arranged by a Team of Professionals
-Rent Collected Automatically and Distributed in Installments

Because our locations are in the middle of Kiev, in modern, luxury buildings, our clients are seeing dramatic returns! Most see 9-15% back in the first year and 30-40% in the first 2-3 years!


Real Estate Investors are Seeing Returns that Average 9-15% in the First Year!

100% Secure Real Estate Investment

Innovative Luxury Properties

A Growing European Metropolitan City

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio With Properties in Kiev!
Ukraine has seen a skyrocket of growth in its economy. As it continues to grow, we are seeing stronger and stronger returns. The largest city in Ukraine, Kiev is evolving and becoming more modern. The opportunity to invest has never been better!

Innovative Luxury Properties

We are buying new luxury buildings that were built in the last year and are located in very touristy areas. These are hot properties that highly sought after and will only grow in demand. We will not see opportunities like this for long, so don’t delay!

Live Projects In Progress